Marcus, Apprentice of the Bright Order

Apprentice Wizard - Bright Order



A young man, approximately 21 years old, in good health and of a lean muscular build. He has a large burn scar that covers his right arm and he always makes an effort to keep it hidden. He has a stripe of red hair that has recently appeared in his otherwise brown hair. He keeps his beard nondescript, trimmed and well maintained.

His robes are dyed a dark red, almost a burgundy. In battle he favors summoning a magical sword made of fire, while fending off blows with his staff.


A native of Altdorf, Marcus was orphaned as a child when a fire destroyed his home and killed his entire family. Marcus barely escaped the fire but not without suffering horrific burns to his right arm and side. Severely injured, Marcus found himself living on streets.
Possessing a powerful will to survive, Marcus nursed himself back to health. Even though he was a small child he was smart and knew he had to provide for himself. He would often go to taverns and show customers his “trick” for a few brass. After being paid, Marcus would focus on candle on the table, shut his eyes and then the flame would begin to dance. Luckily for Marcus, one of his early customers was an Bright Wizard who immediately saw the potential in the lad.
Marcus was immediately taken as a ward of the Bright Order and was raised under their watchful eye. He never saw the wizard who changed his life again.

Now, the time has come for Marcus to prove himself as a competent wizard and to begin his journey to becoming the Empires greatest Battle Wizard.

Marcus, Apprentice of the Bright Order

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