Gerald Lustre, Apprentice of the Gold Order

Apprentice Gold Wizard


A tall, fit 20 year old with clean-cut dirty blonde hair, a clean shaven face, brown eyes and light completion. He has no scars, brands or tattoos.


Born and raised in the Von Klauphman Manor in Altdorf, his parents were lowborn servants. Though the Manor was owned by Fredrick Von Klauphman, a native of Averheim, his cousin Weyman was left as steward of the manor. Weyman,his wife and children were not kind people. Ill-mannered, pretentious and cruel to the staff, Gerald sought to escape his life through learning a trade- smithing, though he was particularly fond of working with the soft metals and making jewelry. Through learning his trade craft, it was noticed Gerald possessed uncanny skill for such a young age. His craftmanship caught the eye of a shopping Gold Wizard and he was invited to join the Gold Order as an apprentice at the Colleges of Magic.

Gerald Lustre, Apprentice of the Gold Order

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